How I Travel Via Airbnb

Gerald and I have used Airbnb to travel all over the world! From our 10-day trip all over southern Italy, to snowboarding in the mountains, to a staycation in our own city, it’s our go-to over a hotel any day. It’s often cheaper than hotels are, especially in popular destinations during peak times of the year. In Italy, we were able to save so much by
staying in Airbnb’s and still stayed in all the best areas with amazing views. You also get to really soak up the local culture, because you are literally staying in someone’s home and experiencing things first hand, rather than in a commercialized hotel chain. The personalized touches and recommendations are unbeatable. Nothing compares to getting off the plane in a tiny Sicilian town, being greeted by your Airbnb host at the bus
stop, and having them carry your bags for a 1/2 mile while they show you to the home and then leaving you a list of 10 restaurants you should check out.

Here are some of our best tips for finding epic Airbnb’s wherever you go:

  1. Utilize the map feature to search. Know what locations you want to be in and zero in on those spots on the map. This will narrow down the selections and ensure that you’re close to the things that are important to you.
  1. Set the price slightly higher than your budget. Often times hosts will give a discount if you are booking for multiple nights. Don’t be afraid to set your price a little higher initially, because you could end up scoring a nicer place that’s still within your budget.
  1. Filter, filter, filter. Check off all your non-negotiable such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and ‘entire place to yourself’. Then take it a step further and add in all your ideal amenities. Mine are usually: pool/hot tub, washer/dryer, kitchen, wifi, a/c. I always try to look for super hosts as well. If your search is too limited, you can always remove things one by one, but why not start with the best and see what you can find?
  1. Create folders on Airbnb! Whenever I’m starting a new search, I like to create a folder for that location and save all of my favorites to stay organized. This makes it super easy to send to anyone you might be traveling with, access everything when you’re ready to book, and refer back to if you plan on returning.

Some of my favorite Airbnb finds:

Smoke Tree House in Palm Springs

Tahoe Hideaway

Malibu Air Stream Retreat

Joshua Tree Green Haus

Blue Line House in Positano

Jackson Hole Cabin

Drop links to your favorites in the comments below!