Michelle Infusino

The Dreamiest Joshua Tree Airbnb!

Joshua Tree has been one of my favorite places to escape to, ever since my first trip there a few years back. But now even more than ever, with everything going on in the world, I appreciate the peace and quiet and quick break from reality that the desert offers. Joshua Tree is a small, sleepy town. There’s not a ton going on or many activities to do once the sun goes down. If you’re looking for a night out on the town, you’ve probably picked the wrong place. But for me, that’s all part of the appeal and also why having a superb Airbnb really comes in handy. Some of my favorite memories have been from the unique homes we get to stay in. It seems like every house in Joshua Tree is full of character and so much attention to detail. Whether it’s the vintage rugs and retro appliances, the thoughtfully curated knick-knacks, or the clawfoot tub in the backyard that you can stargaze from, it just makes the trip that much more special. I love the cozy, inviting feeling of picking out one of the records from the bookshelf and dancing around the living room. Or waking up in the morning and making a pour-over with some local coffee that the host left. 

If you need any help finding a getaway-worthy JT Airbnb, I’ll link a few of my favorites below. I also have a blog post here with tips for finding the best Airbnb stays. Pro tip: always look for the super hosts! 

Veneer Retreat

Joe’s Retreat

Bohemian Chic Abode

Perched on Paradise

Little Jo Cabin