5 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Me

I’m Palestinian and Italian. My dad is 1st generation Palestinian from a small village and my mom is 3rd generation Italian, plus a mix of a few other things. I don’t speak either language, unfortunately. I’ve also never been to…

Restaurant Highlight: Born & Raised

Born & Raised Restaurant in San Diego I recently decided to make restaurant reviews a regular segment on my blog. I love eating and trying new restaurants way more than your average human, so it made perfect sense to start…

What’s In My Makeup Bag

An up-to-date virtual overview of what’s in my current makeup bag! These are the tried and true items that I use on a daily basis. Everything is if you click on the item name or scroll to the bottom of…


How old am I? 28 – My birthday is July 13th,1991

My Clear Skin Secrets

  I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to keeping my skin clear. It’s time to share the wealth with any of you who might be struggling with acne, occasional breakouts, or just need a good…


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