Michelle Infusino

Nexxus Weightless Styling Collection

This year I’ve been making a conscious effort to try more affordable hair and beauty products out to be able to share my honest opinions with all of you. A huge perk of my job is getting to try so many amazing products, but I want to make sure I’m always sharing a good mix of both high-end and affordable brands.

I’ve been using Nexxus products in my hair for years, they’re one of the brands I keep going back to over and over. I love their Clean & Pure line of shampoo + conditioner because I really enjoy that deeper, squeaky clean hair feeling that they give.

I tested out a few products from the new Weightless Style collection over the last few weeks. All of them are available at Target, making them easily accessible for everyone! The products are all made with their new Proteinlock system. It forms an invisible layer around your hair to lock in essential proteins, which preserves your hair’s natural proteins and protects against damage from styling. I’m always looking for a little extra protection because I use heat to style my hair pretty often, so this line is ideal for me!

The hair spray is amazing! It didn’t leave my hair feeling sticky at all and also gave some great texture and volume. It’s a light hold, which is typically what I prefer because I still want to be able to run my fingers through my hair.

I love that the styling cream can be used on wet or dry hair. I use this on days when I do want to embrace my hair’s natural texture a bit more, but still want to tame some of the craziness. It worked wonders on taming the annoying flyaways I have near my roots and again, didn’t leave any sort of sticky residue in my hair. It was still soft + touchable.

The last product I tried was the blow dry balm. It left my hair super silky and smooth! I’ve never really mastered the art of giving myself a blowout, but this definitely was a huge improvement. It definitely gave my hair more volume than it typically has when I do a blowout and I will never turn down some extra volume!

I’ll link everything I mentioned down below! Thank you to Nexxus for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own!