1.  Drink more water. I say this every year, but I really want to get my shit together this time. I know that I never drink enough water in a day and it’s really difficult for me to remember because I rarely get thirsty. Being properly hydrated is SO important for energy levels, to keep your skin clear and glowing, get rid of under-eye bags, to help your organs function properly, to flush out toxins, the list goes on and on. I’m setting a goal to drink a glass of water before bed every night and as soon as I wake up every morning in hopes that this will kickstart the process! If anyone has any other tips to help me, please let me know below!!
  2. Wake up earlier. I can say without a doubt that this has been the busiest and the best year of my life so far. It has also been the most stressful. I constantly feel like I have SO many things to do in a day and am being pulled in a million different directions. At night it’s really important for me to spend quality time with my boyfriend, Gerald, so that means that tasks go unfinished and get pushed off until the next day and then the cycle starts all over again. Getting up an hour or two earlier in the morning would alleviate a lot of my stress and allow me to get more things done in a day. I’m not a morning person AT ALL, but this is something I really want to work on this year.
  3. Be pickier with my time. This kind of goes along with my last point, but as I’ve gotten busier I’ve realized that I can’t say yes to everything. I tend to jump into action the second anyone I love needs something, but have learned the hard way that not everyone is always willing to do the same for you. This year I want to be pickier with who and what I give my time to. This can be as simple as turning down an event invite that I don’t think will be beneficial to me/my brand or saying no to a friend who doesn’t always reciprocate the favor.
  4. Be more outgoing. Most people who know me wouldn’t describe me as being shy, but when I’m just meeting someone for the first time or am in a group situation that I’m not familiar with, I can be super quiet and keep to myself. I want to make more of an effort to say what’s on my mind, be more assertive with my thoughts and feelings and just work on being more outgoing in general! Does anyone have any tips for this?!
  5. Travel more. Near or far, I want to travel more this year! I have a list in my phone of driving distance places from Los Angeles and I still haven’t been to most of them. Traveling is just good for the soul. I feel the most inspired when I’m traveling to new places and I want to make sure I make that a priority this year.
  6. Start Youtube. You asked and I’ve been listening! Starting youtube sounds daunting because there is a ton of work that goes into making a video and I have no idea where to even begin with editing. I’m ready to get started though and excited to take you guys on the journey with me! If you have suggestions for videos you want to see, please let me know! I think my first one will most likely be a q&a :).

That’s all for now! I would love to hear some of your resolutions for 2019 as well. And if anyone has helpful tips or tricks to keep me on track, please let me know. Cheers to 2019!! I hope you all have an amazing holiday filled with love.


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  1. Since the year is (already?!?!) wrapping up, how have these gone for you? Waking up (and going to bed) earlier seems super easy… until it’s 9-10 pm! If you’ve come up with anything that works consistently, I’d love to hear!

    Ps. Your new apartment is turning out to be just GOALS. Add that to your list of accomplishments this year!! 😆

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