I’ve somehow developed a fuzzy slipper obsession over the past few months and have collected so many that I ran out of space to store them and now have to keep them lined up along the wall in my bedroom. Not sure whether I’m proud or ashamed hahah, but Gerald is definitely not a fan of my storage solution. Since I’m pretty much always wearing a pair whenever I’m at home, people on Instagram have caught on and where I get my slippers from has quickly become one of my most asked questions. I decided to round up all of my personal favorites plus a few super cute pairs that I couldn’t pass up sharing. Enjoy and if you buy any please tag me on IG so I can see you and your cute new slippers!

1) EMU Australia’s Mayberry Liner

Price: $60

2) Madewell’s The Scuff Curly Faux Fur Slipper

Price: $12

3) Loft’s Faux Fur Slides

Price: $16

4) Aerie’s Warmies Leopard Slippers

Price: $59

6) Madewell’s Wallis Faux Fur Slipper


7) UGG’s Fuzz N Faux Fur Slipper

Price: $44

8) Madewell’s Faux Fur Animal Print Slipper

Price: $12

9) ASOS’s cross over fluffy slippers in pink

Price: $24

10) EMU Australia’s Mayberry Animal

Price: $48

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  1. I’ve been dying for a pair! I love that there is a variety of price points!

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