How old am I? 29 – My birthday is July 13th, 1991.  I just have a baby face!

How tall am I? I get this question daily and I’m only 5’2! People are always shocked to learn this, but it’s all about the angles/posing when shooting and I’ve spent years figuring out how to best dress for my height and body type!

Where am I from? Oakland, NJ. A town in northern NJ about 30 minutes outside of NYC

Where did I go to college and what did I study? I went to school in NYC and studied Fashion Merchandising at LIM

What do I use to take my photos? 90% of my photos are taken on my iPhone 11 pro max at the moment, but I typically use a Sony a 6000  (it’s broken right now and I haven’t brought it in for a repair due to covid)

Who takes my photos? Other bloggers/friends and my boyfriend, Gerald!

What do I use to edit my photos? Lightroom + VSCO – I’m working on sharing an updated version of how I edit my photos that will be available soon!!

Still have questions? Feel free to DM me! I check my DM’s regularly 🙂

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